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Direct To Garment vs Dye Sublimation

Direct To Garment Vs Dye Sublimation

Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized printing company, you may not know what style of printing is the best for you to use. Reading below might be able to help you grow your business and be able to print multiple styles of products and designs that are perfect for your customers. In this article we look at DTG or Direct to Garment printing vs Dye Sublimation, the two biggest players in the t-shirt industry. 

DTG – Direct to Garment is a technique that applies ink directly using a printer. The start-up cost of this printing process requires a specific inkjet printer. 

Dye Sublimation is a process of dyeing the fabric by printing the design onto transfer paper, then heat pressing it onto the garment.


Things to consider about each method.




 -  Will Fade

 -  Creates less saturated colors.

 -  Able to produce a high level of detail with many colors.

 -  Less labor intensive

 -  Expensive for large production runs


Dye Sublimation


 -  Last longer, does not fade easily

 -  Best for Photography

 -  More Labor Intensive

 -  Expensive for large production runs