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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Printing

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Printing

Have you ever sat down and wondered, what is vinyl printing? Whether you are doing research for your business or just trying to get information to learn something new and exciting, we have the answers here for you! 

What is Vinyl Printing? 

In today’s world, nearly everything you see is vinyl printing. From the banners outside of business or billboards that you see as you drive to work. Using this is the best way to advertise either your business or even for personal use. 

How does it work?

Just as the name vinyl reminds you of the records that spin on a record player, this is an “old school” method. It starts with you cutting the design and colors that you desire. Next, you use a heat press or an iron, this transfers the design from the paper that you can cut onto the t-shirt. Heat transfer vinyl printing is a pretty straightforward process that involves a mix of heavy pressure and heat.

When it comes to Vinyl Printing, the advantages are huge! 

This technique can be applied to several fabric types. This makes sure that your customers are happy whether they are in a t-shirt or swimming trunks! 

This process allows for a low setup cost. Finding the designs that you want to use and pressing them against a shirt with heat, there really is nothing else to do! 

This is a great option for businesses or companies that are looking to be cost effective in a short period. If your project is only for small orders and time, this is the best solution for you. 

A simple design and basic lettering gives you the best results. 

The disadvantages of Vinyl Printing can be seen below:

  • Unfortunately, you may be limited to the number of colors available for you to transfer. 
  • If you are doing bulk orders, this process will be very slow and require too much labor to be cost effective. 
  • Large designs add unnecessary weight to the garment. 
  • This type of printing has been known to crack and fade over time due to UV rays and washing. 

We recommend that you look through all the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision with which printing type might be best for you! 

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