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Top Trends in Screen Printing of 2021

While screen printing is broad spectrum of multiple designs and an infinite resource of designs, the creativity and staying with trends may be difficult to follow. Everyone has different opinions and desires, however, we have tried to but together the top trends of 2021 for you! 

Book Trends

Did you know that in every sector of social media there is a book version for their community? TikTok turns to BookTok, Instagram to Booksagram, Youtube to Booktube, and of course, Facebook… well that stays the same. So many genres of books can be reflected into your best styles! With the height of COVID, reading has come back into fashion. Let’s reflect that on our clothing trends. 

Strong Statements 

In this modern age, the stronger your argument, the more attention you get. As you walk day to day, the clothing that you wear is a billboard to show your feelings and thoughts, be strong in the message. It’s time to find your voice, your cause, your movement. The best way to get attention is to make a great first impression. Let your message shine through! 

Handwritten Typography 

Someone like me, who writes like chicken scratch, it is strange to see that handwriting has become so popular in our digital age. However, as a society we crave originality and nothing is more original than your personal handwriting. Turn your everyday phrases by invoking your own personality and emotions by the way you use your personal font.

Warped Text 

It’s time for a #ThrowbackThursday style to the 70’s! The blown out lettering of the retro style  has become popular across the internet. Wanting to be a part of the “cool” period, all text should be bent, warped, or twisted. With endless possibilities, warped text is the best way to bring a great “vibe” to your own style! 

Minimalistic Design 

The saying more is less has been around since the early 1940’s when the line drawing became a staple in the art circles. Nowadays, the simple line drawing can be used to convey emotions of happiness, power, passion, stress, or love. The lines create a story that is simple to understand on the first impression and leaves you with new bold ideas. 

Do you agree with us? 

What was your favorite trend of 2021?