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Types of Fabric Painting

Types of Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is commonly seen on clothes we opt to wear. It is the skill of applying colors to the fabric that makes it look more attractive.

This painting helps to create innovative designs associated with an individual's creativity. Playing with different colors and textures to create unique designs on clothes is all that fabric painting is. 

Several types of fabric paint will give a different look to your clothes and let them shine through your personality.

Let’s Have a Look at the Types of Fabric Paintings

  • Wet Into Wet Technique

Wet into the wet technique is a type of painting that is done by blending and merging the colors in a very watery consistency.

The designs are painted in a very liquid form. When one of the colors is dried out, the other layer is painted.

Thin material clothes are preferred for such paintings as they allow the liquid paints to spread naturally. 

  • Salt Technique

The salt technique is a unique way of fabric painting that will give you cool and trendy results. It is a method where you can paint your clothes in liquid paint. Once the paint is done, sprinkle salt on the wet painting.

Let it dry and then shake off the excess salt. What you see will be a pattern drawn with sprinkles of salt and gives you an amazingly painted fabric. 

  • Tie and Dye Technique

The tie and dye method is as interesting as it sounds. It is a unique way of painting with fabulous results.

The tie and dye method is currently the most popular one. Different brands are offering tie-and-dye tees, shorts, or hoodies.

 A sturdy thread or even rubber bands are used to fold and tie the cloth in different patterns. The cloth is then dipped into paints in watery consistency, according to the design pattern being followed.

Once the paint is completely dried, the threads are opened, revealing a trendy and sassy, beautiful pattern. Lucky Wear has a wide range of brands offering custom tees and hoodies. 

  • Block Printing

Block printing is an old style of painting that has been used for ages. It is simple as it sounds and can be considered stamping.

Block printing is done using wooden blocks with letters or designs engraved. These blocks are dipped into fabric paints and then neatly adorned on the clothes.

 Simple no? This may seem very simple to hear but requires a lot of practice to make it look professional. 


It looks like fabric painting is a skill that has been used for ages and the trend is to stay forever! It is an art to make you look brighter and cooler with an array of colors on your clothes.

Revamp your styling with the different types of fabric painting options available. You can even make your style by painting what you like. 

What are you waiting for?

Get your hands on the beautiful tie-and-dye tees and hoodies available in the market or go for a block-printed shirt. The choice is all yours! Look different every day and any day.